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Pasta is Our Passion...

Maui Pasta Company started in 2012 on Maui selling pasta, made with authentic Durham semolina flour and infused with fresh Maui herbs and flavors, from owners Patricia and Ron Inman’s driveway, to raise money for a school trip for their daughter. It began to sell so well that they started selling at Farmer’s Markets, and branched out to sell their pasta – and then sauces, baked goods, and desserts – to local grocery stores and restaurants.


By 2014, they had a thriving “mom and pop” business, and by 2015, they opened their own Factory Store and Take-Out Restaurant. Executive Chef Patricia Inman had studied in Italy for two years, and was thrilled to share her passion for cooking Italian food with the Maui community, and Ron was an accountant and business expert to run that area of the operations.

It was only nine months later that tragedy struck – Ron Inman took ill and, within two months, he passed away. Patricia kept their dream alive with a wonderful and dedicated staff that was like family. She took on much of the marketing, administrative, and front-of-house responsibilities of the business, as Ron had previously done.

Patricia Inman found healing and support within an online grief support community, and found a best friend in Stephen Hochhaus, a member of the support group and a resident of Scottsdale. Stephen, owner of Portfolio Picture Framing, Inc. in Old Town Scottsdale, had lost his wife Katherine to cancer in 2011, and understood the challenges of running a business during grief.

Maui Pasta began having lease issues and even a severe electrical fire, and needed a new home, but was unable to find appropriate rental space on the island.

Concurrently, best friends Patricia and Stephen, decided to become husband and wife.  

They closed Maui Pasta in Hawaii, and opened a new business, Maui Pasta Arizona, in Patricia's

new home, Scottsdale.

At their business’ new location at The Shops at Gainey Ranch, they have opened a storefront with pasta manufacturing for wholesale and retail sales, a Factory Café & Eatery, and a Catering hub, serving fresh pastas, sauces, baked goods, panini, award-winning dips, and homemade desserts.  

They make their own ricotta and mascarpone cheeses for added freshness and delectability of their dishes! One mainstay of their menu on Maui that they offer here is “Family Meals” – fresh, hot and healthy dinners for four or six, that folks can call in and take home to their families. In their local and online marketplace, they sell the same fresh and uncooked pastas, sauces, baked goods, dips, and desserts, where customers can stop by for a meal they can make for themselves at home.  Their pride is that their food is always fresh, with no added preservatives.

Patricia has a saying that is important to her & everything that Maui Pasta produces – “If it is not made with Love, it is not Italian food,” and assures that “every customer that enters Maui Pasta will be treated with Aloha!”

As customers arrive, they will be able to watch pasta and baked goods being produced as part of their dining experience.

Maui Pasta at the Shops at Gainey Ranch offers specialty coffee drinks and freshly baked Italian confections, and remains open through lunch and dinner, offering a full menu, along with grab and go meals and “lunch express meals” to serve the employees of local businesses who want a quick bite. They also offer catering, and Italian wines, local beer, and cocktails.


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Farmer's Market in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii, where Maui Pasta got its start, selling pasta, sauces, and baked goods.
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